Photo credit: Kim Dionne

In Inuktitut, we call the Northern Lights aqsarniit (ak-sar-nee).

The Arctic is the theatre of the most magical show of Mother Nature.  The magnificent Aurora Borealis awaits you for a nocturnal dance. You will be completely charmed by the vibrant colours and mesmerizing waves in the dark sky.

Sign up for our tour outside of town by snowmobile to truly enjoy the spectacle without any light pollution from the city.  Let yourself be transported in the legend of the ancestors inviting you to join their dance in the sky.

*A guide accompanies all driving tours and requires a driving lesson and test before the start of the activity. A $1000 damage deposit is required to drive a snowmobile.

Minimum booking of 2 adult participants.


  • All required safety equipment

Does not include:

  • Meals
  • Gratuity and taxes

How to Book Package:

Contact the owner directly to book.

Additional Information


Contact Canadian North to book flights.


Accommodations in Iqaluit are not included in the package price. Clients are responsible for booking their own accommodations.


If requested, Tikippugut can buy food for clients who want this service as part of the tour. Contact Tikippugut directly to request a quote.

Ground Transportation:

Tikippugut does not provide ground transportation services.

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