Recommended Clothing for outings:


Summer in the north may be unpredictable and nice weather can change suddenly. We recommend you always wear the following for summer outings, even if the weather feels really warm in town; it always gets much colder on the water.

  • Rain boots or waterproof hiking boots (getting off the boat sometimes in a foot or more of water)
  • Rain jacket or winter jacket (bigger is always better to add clothing underneath)
  • Warm sweater
  • Warm socks, and an extra pair to change if you get wet
  • Rain pants or ski pants
  • Hat, mitts or gloves
  • Scarf or neck warmer
  • Sunglasses / goggles
  • Sunscreen


If you plan a boating trip in September or October, we recommend all of the above as a minimum, and:

  • Consider insulated rubber boots or winter boots
  • Winter jacket
  • Hat and heavy mitts
  • Ski pants

We recommend dressing up in layers; here is a simplified guide:

  • 1st layer (top and bottom):
    • Merino wool or synthetic (polyester and such) – try to avoid cotton
  • 2nd layer:
    • Synthetic wool
    • Hoodie or sweater
    • Pants should be comfortable and breathable, quick dry preferable
  • 3rd layer (Winter or Fall outings):
    • Pull-over parkas are the best as warmth can escape through zippers and other openings
    • Fur hoods are best to protect your face from the wind


Any winter outing will require Arctic-rated gear. A case-by-case evaluation of your clothing will be assessed the day prior to your trip. Under-dressed participants will not be allowed on the trip: safety first!

  • Insulated rubber boots; winter boots
  • Winter mitts, fur hat, scarf, neck warmer
  • -40 °C wind pants and winter parka
  • Goggles, sun glasses

Download our handy checklists: